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Action cameras have become ubiquitous and offer an easy way to record diving and snorkelling experiences with minimal investment. However, their capabilities can be greatly enhanced with the use of INON accessories. For instance, action camera equipped with INON lenses are chosen by the broadcast industry for use on blue chip underwater documentaries, for VR cinema projects, archaeological photogrammetry surveys and commercial pipeline inspection. Sometimes our INON action camera systems are diver carried, sometimes used with polecams and sometimes mounted on ROV’s. 

INON underwater lenses for action cams let you shoot wide angle vistas, such as wrecks and reefs by expanding the cameras own field of view, as well as greatly improving edge sharpness and correcting other optical aberrations. The wide close -up lenses allow you to shoot smaller areas at short distances for stunning close focus wide angle footage and stills. 

For remote camera and time lapse applications, INON UK offers arrange of camera stands and a versatile professional level underwater tripod. INON UK  also carries  spare caps, lens holders and mounts to back up your purchase. In the event of damage, INON action camera lenses dome ports and front elements can often be economically replaced.

Get in touch if you want advice in putting your INON action camera system together. 

Beware grey imports of INON lenses. Ask before buying! Only INON lenses supplied by INON UK carry full guarantees. INON Japan does not guarantee products purchased from grey importers


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SD Front Mask for HERO9 (*also for HERO10)
Protective Cover for UFL-G140 SD
UFL-G140 SD Underwater Semi-fisheye Conversion Lens   (incl. Split Easy for UFL-G140)
Sold out
Split Easy for UFL-G140
Split Easy for UFL-G140 Sale price£4.00
D5 Holder (additional arm for Grip Base D5)
UFL-G140 SD Front Replacement Lens Cap
Save £3.00
UCL-G100 SD Underwater Close Up Lens
UCL-G100 SD Underwater Close Up Lens Sale price£317.00 Regular price£320.00
UCL-G165 II M55 wide close up lens for Sony
UCL-G165 II SD wide close up lens for Go Pro
UWL-100 28M55 Wide Conversion Lens
Lens Hood G140 (with hollow screws, Allen Wrench)
Color Filter Set for HERO3/3+/4Color Filter Set for HERO3/3+/4
SD Front Mask for HERO5/6/7SD Front Mask for HERO5/6/7
SD Front Mask for HERO5/6/7 Sale price£57.00
UCL-G55 SD Underwater Close Up Lens
Focus Stick for UCL-G165 IIFocus Stick for UCL-G165 II
Focus Stick for UCL-G165 II Sale price£46.00
SD Mount Base for TG-Tracker
SD Mount Base UWH1SD Mount Base UWH1
SD Mount Base UWH1 Sale price£74.00
UCL-G165 II M55 Rear Replacement Lens Cap
UWL-100 28M55 Rear Replacement Lens Cap
Hand GripHand Grip
Hand Grip Sale price£38.00
UCL-G165 SD/M55/II Front Replacement Lens Cap
SD Mount Cage for HERO3/3+/4
SD Mount Cage for HERO3/3+/4 Sale price£135.00
SD Selfie Set L for HERO9 (Carbon Telescopic Arm L, Ball Adapter for GoPro, SD Front Mask for HERO9 )