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INON strobes are legendary within the underwater photography community.

Since introducing the groundbreaking Z-220, over 25 years ago, some of which are still in use, INON has continued to evolve its strobe range. Although modestly priced, INON is probably the most widely used strobe range among professionals. INON UK strobe clients include photojournalists as well as scientists working in marine biology and nautical archaeology.

Key features that make INON strobes so popular are reliability, very low maintenance requirements and a combination of user-friendly features and benefits not combined in competitor’s models. These include high power, wide-angle coverage, rapid recycling, S-TTL automation, a dozen or more precise manual power outputs, easy to use controls, 100 metre depth rating and compatibility with rechargeable and non–rechargeable AA batteries. INON strobes are well supported with a range of beam modifiers for creative lighting. Lisa offers INON UK lighting courses through her sister company, Capture Cayman Ltd.

INON UK carries extensive stocks of INON strobe filters and diffusers, as well as easily mislaid parts such as battery caps and battery contact plates and, for routine care, replacement O rings and INON grease. 

For routine servicing and, if required, repairs, please ask us for advice. 

For any questions you have about INON strobes, please contact INON UK. 

Beware grey imports of INON strobes. Ask before buying! Only INON strobes supplied by INON UK carry full guarantees. INON Japan does not guarantee products purchased from grey importers. 


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Double Hole Rubber Bush for Fiber Optics
Strobe Dome Filter SOFTStrobe Dome Filter SOFT
Strobe Dome Filter SOFT Sale price£10.00
Battery Box O-ring
Battery Box O-ring Sale price£7.00
Single Hole Rubber Bush Type L
Sold out
Inon Grease (necessary for Yellow Inon O-Rings)
Sold out
L-Connector (strobe) Wireless *Replacement connector (strobe side) for Type L fiber optics
Optical D Cable Type L/Rubber Bush Set 2
Strobe Dome Filter [4900K]Strobe Dome Filter [4900K]
Strobe Dome Filter [4900K] Sale price£10.00
Battery Box Inner Cap for S-220/S-2000
Strobe Battery Box Outer Cap
Synch Connector Cap (for Z-330/Z-240/D-2000W/D-2000Wn/Z-22)
S-220 StrobeS-220 Strobe
S-220 Strobe Sale price£464.00
Optical D Cable L Type L (approx. 60cm/23.6in excluding connector)
Sold out
Snoot Set for S-2000
Snoot Set for S-2000 Sale price£138.00
Sensor Cap for D-200/D-2000 Type 4/S-2000
Magnet for S-2000
Magnet for S-2000 Sale price£3.00
-0.5 White Diffuser for S-2000
D-200 Strobe (incl. Strobe Dome Filter SOFT, Strobe Light Shade and Reflective Sticker D/Z)D-200 Strobe (incl. Strobe Dome Filter SOFT, Strobe Light Shade and Reflective Sticker D/Z)
Strobe Dome Filter NDStrobe Dome Filter ND
Strobe Dome Filter ND Sale price£13.00
Sold out
Spare O-ring Set  (Battery Box O-ring, Connector O-ring)
Rubber Bush-M11 Adapter
Rubber Bush-M11 Adapter Sale price£5.00
Optical D Cable Type L (approx. 43cm/17in excluding connector)
Magnet Screw (for Z-220/D-2000/D-180 series strobe)
-0.5 White Diffuser 2 (TTL/Manual) *incl. W40°Filter LE, Red Filter LE