UCL-G100 SD Underwater Close Up Lens

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NON INC. further expands its optical product lineup to explore GoPro camera’s macro capability with two close-up lenses; UCL-G100 SD and UCL-G55 SD. The former provides double magnification of the UCL-G165II SD and the latter powers up to four times magnification. (The magnification factor is the scale ratio. The area ratio is the square of the scale ratio.) Each of the two products  is equipped with focusing guide that intuitively shows the minimum shooting distance for the UCL-G100 SD and the minimum shooting distance and focus range for the UCL-G55 SD, respectively, drastically easing the effort of focusing and providing a powerful tool for capturing in-focus video. The width of the Focus Stick, two sticks attached on the lens barrel, indicates the horizontal shooting range (when F.O.V. is set to WIDE), and it can be instantly flipped up when not in use. You can change the orientation of the Focus Stick vertically as well. The Focus Stick can be removed from the lens when necessary like during transportation etc.