UCL-G165 II SD wide close up lens for Go Pro

Sale price£248.00

The UCL-G165II allows you to get closer to your subject a few centimeters away to capture the subject much larger.

Compatible camera

  • GoPro® HERO12 Black
  • GoPro® HERO11 Black
  • GoPro® HERO10 Black
  • GoPro® HERO9 Black
  • GoPro® HERO8 Black
  • GoPro® HERO7 Black
  • GoPro® HERO6 Black
  • GoPro® HERO5 Black
  • GoPro® HERO+ LCD
  • GoPro® HERO+
  • GoPro® HERO
  • GoPro® HERO4
  • GoPro® HERO3+
  • GoPro® HERO3
  • SONY FDR-X3000/X3000R
  • SONY HDR-AS300/AS300R

n action camera is a deep focus camera which does not require focusing but prevents a subject gets in focus in close range (within 60cm/2ft range in theory for GoPro® camera) thus not usable for underwater macro shooting. Using standard macro lens for a compact digital camera would not help the situation as it would create vignetting and very shallow depth of field preventing comfortable focusing. The UCL-G165 II lens is so-called "wide close-up lens" specifically designed for action cameras based on their optical characteristic. The depth of field (DoF) underwater will be 10cm/3.9in to 35cm/1.1ft when using the lens for GoPro® HERO12 Black supporting closer minimum focus distance underwater to capture wow photos/clips.

Ideal for shooting Macro

Maximum angle of view of GoPro® HERO12 Black is approx. 156° on land which will narrow down to approx. 94° when the camera is housed in genuine dive housing and submerged due to different refraction index. The INON UCL-G165 II slightly increases angle of view underwater to 110° to capture dynamic scene played by a subject as the lens frames subject larger than UFL-G140 SD which delivers ultra wide 140°.