Focus Stick for UCL-G165 II

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Patent pending "Focus Stick" to support focusing to use with "UCL-G165II SD". 
This device provides a visual reference of the minimum focusing distance when filming with the UCL-G165II SD. The Focus Stick can be set either on the top or the bottom indicating the minimum focusing distance of the UCL-G165II SD at the tip.The far end of the depth of field is 25cm/9.8in from the tip. The Focus Stick also indicates angle of view when GoPro camera is set to "Linear". It rotates 360° and clicks every 90° so it is easy to turn instantly when not necessary.

*The Focus Stick for UCL-G165 II is specifically designed for UCL-G165II SD and not for any other lenses including previous UCL-G165 SD or UCL-G165II M55.