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INON Strobe and Video Light Arms

At their most basic, strobe and video light arms simply let you direct light to evenly light your subject and eliminate or minimise backscatter. But even these objectives won’t be met if you use an arm system that you or the manufacturer hasn’t thought through. 

A good arm will be part of an expandable system that will not just meet your immediate needs but can be added to as your ambitions and lighting skills evolve. INON offer an extensive choice of arms, all of which can be mixed and matched. All but the shortest can be accessorised with floatation for neutralising the weight of your system and balancing trim as well as INON lens holders to secure your wet lenses and filters. Most can also be equipped with focusing or video lights in addition to supporting your strobes, allowing you shoot stills and video on the same dive or carry powerful guide lights for diving at night or in overhead environments. 

A vast range of connecting parts such as clamps, strobe and housing adapters assures each photographer or videographer can customise an INON arm system to suit their own very specific requirements. Many INON arms and accessories are also interchangeable with other brands, making it easy to upgrade your existing arm.

The impact underwater strobe and video light arms impact on the technical quality and creative control of underwater stills and videography is regularly underestimated. If you need advice on selecting an INON arm system to meet your needs, please get in touch. 


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M6 JointM6 Joint
M6 Joint Sale price£13.00
Multi Ball Arm XL (Effective length 440mm/17.3in)
Stick Arm M-T (Effective length 200mm/7.9in)
Stick Arm SS-T (Effective length 120mm/4.7in)
Stick Arm XS-T (Effective length 75mm/3.0in)
Multi Ball Arm LL (Effective length 380mm/15.0in)
Multi Ball Arm ML (Effective length 260mm/10.2in)
Multi Ball Arm S (Effective length 150mm/5.9in)
Stick Arm L (Effective length 320mm/12.6in)
Float Arm ML (Buoyancy: 210g/7.4oz  Effective length 260mm/10.2in.)
Multi Ball Arm SS-T (Effective length 120mm/4.7in)
Float Arm M (Buoyancy: 135g/4.8oz  Effective length 200mm/7.9in.)
Mega Float Tube M (Buoyancy: 500g/17.6oz )
Mega Float Tube S (Buoyancy: 360g/12.7oz)
Carbon Telescopic Arm M (370mm - 790mm/14.5in - 31.1in)
Shoe Base SpacerShoe Base Spacer
Shoe Base Spacer Sale price£5.00
Stick Arm L Set D (Stick Arm L, Direct Base III x 2, Clamp III x 2)
Float Arm S (Buoyancy:  75g/2.6oz  Effective length 150mm/5.9in.)
M5 JointM5 Joint
M5 Joint Sale price£9.00
Stick Arm M-T Set YS-MV (YS Adapter MV, Stick Arm M-T, Direct Base III, Clamp III x 2)
Stick Arm S-T Set Z-MV (Z Adapter MV, Stick Arm S-T, Direct Base III, Clamp III x 2)
Carbon Telescopic Arm SS (209mm - 292mm/8.2in - 11.5in)Carbon Telescopic Arm SS (209mm - 292mm/8.2in - 11.5in)