M5 Joint

Sale price£9.00

The M5 Joint is an optional product to attach a Lens Holder for Float Arm (*2) or the Shoe Base (via Shoe Base Spacer) on a Stick Arm or Multi Ball Arm (*1).

(*1) Unable to attach on the "Multi Ball Arm SS".
(*2) "Stick Arm XS" and "Multi Ball Arm S" is only compatible with the "Shoe Base Spacer" but not compatible with a lens holder.

■Weight: 14g (0.5oz) [air] / approx.8g (0.3oz) [underwater]

■Compatible arm
●When installing Lens Holder for Float Arm
Stick Arm SS/S/M/L
Multi Ball Arm ML/L/LL/XL

●When installing Shoe Base Spacer
Stick Arm XS/SS/S/M/L
Multi Ball Arm S/ML/L/LL/XL

■Compatible options
AD/LD/M67 Lens Holder for Float Arm
AD Lens Holder (Lens Holder [hole] only)
LD/M67 Lens Holder W (Lens Holder [hole] only)
Shoe Base Spacer