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INON UK offers a selection of LE and LF LED video, modelling and dive lights to meet the different needs of divers, underwater stills and video photographers. All INON LE and LF LED models are constructed from aluminium, have double O ring seals, real switches, rather than twist down bezels, and high Cree values. As per INON strobes, power is from readily available AA cells. You can use recyclable or rechargeable batteries at your option. The usual colour temperature is 6500k, slightly cooler than daylight, which yields truer colours at short distances. If you prefer 5500k, this is available to order. This is warmer and matches the colour temperature of INON strobes. 

Many of the INON LF and LE LED lights have interchangeable lamp heads, so you can use the same body and powerpack to utilise heads offering different beam angles, intensities and burn times without buying a completely new light. Depending on the INON LE or LF LED light you choose, you’ll find some beam modifiers are included, while others are options. Beam modifiers include shades to shield the light on the camera side to minimise flare from your INON LE or LF LED lights beam hitting your housing and camera optics. INON wide-angle diffusers expand the beam for use with wide lenses. INON condenser lenses narrow the beam to achieve snoot like effects while making aiming easier as you are using a constant light source. Red filters can be less disturbing to marine life that is nocturnal or, although active by day, prefers to live in the shadows. 

A choice of INON mounting hardware makes the INON LE and INON LF LED video and modelling lights extremely versatile. For those wanting to shoot video on the same dives as taking stills, INON lets you mount the INON LE or INON LF LED light directly under your INON strobe or on the body of most INON strobe arms.

When mounted under your strobe, using the INON strobe light holder, the INON LE or INON LF LED video or modelling lights position is fixed, and it shines in the same direction as your INON strobe. When mounted on the arm itself, or underneath the strobe using an INON Shoe Base or INON Clamp III and appropriate INON ball adapter, the INON LE or INON LF LED light can be aimed independently of the strobe beam as the INON Shoe Base features pan and tilt movement and the INON ball adapter even greater directional control. For off camera lighting, INON supplies the INON Single Light Holder For Tripod in LE and LF versions to attach the lights to standard tripod heads. 

If you would like to discuss INON LE and LF LED lights in more detail, please get in touch. 

Beware grey imports of INON LE and LF LED lighting equipment. Ask before buying! Only INON products  supplied by INON UK carry full guarantees. INON Japan does not guarantee products purchased from grey importers. 



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Spare O-ring Set (LF)
Spare O-ring Set (LF) Sale price£7.00
Blue Filter LF-N (for replacement)
Color Filter LF-N Set
Color Filter LF-N Set Sale price£19.00
LF650h-N Sale price£235.00
Single Light Holder LF for Tripod
Condenser Lens LF-N Set
Condenser Lens LF-N Set Sale price£42.00
LF1000-S (with Red Filter LF-S, Wide Filter LF-S and Wide Red Filter LF-S)LF1000-S (with Red Filter LF-S, Wide Filter LF-S and Wide Red Filter LF-S)
3xAA Battery Box Cartridge LF
Light Shade LF-EW *for LF1300-EWf, LF1100h-EWf, LF3100-EW and LF2400h-EW
Wide Filter LF-S
Wide Filter LF-S Sale price£8.00
Dome Red Filter LF-EW *for LF1300-EWf, LF1100h-EWf, LF3100-EW and LF2400h-EW
LF1000-S Light Head
LF1000-S Light Head Sale price£165.00
Selector Ring LF *for LF1300-EWf, LF1100h-EWf, LF3100-EW and LF2400h-EW
LF650h-N Light Head
LF650h-N Light Head Sale price£185.00
Wide Red Filter LF-S
Wide Red Filter LF-S Sale price£8.00
6xAA Battery Box Cartridge LF
Red Filter LF-S
Red Filter LF-S Sale price£3.00
Reflective Sticker LF-EWReflective Sticker LF-EW
Reflective Sticker LF-EW Sale price£3.00
Light Case LF 6AALight Case LF 6AA
Light Case LF 6AA Sale price£32.00
LF1400-S Light Head
LF1400-S Light Head Sale price£165.00
LF2400h-EW Light Head
LF2400h-EW Light Head Sale price£232.00
LF2400h-EW (with Dome Red Filter LF-EW, Light Shade LF-EW and Reflective Sticker LF-EW)LF2400h-EW (with Dome Red Filter LF-EW, Light Shade LF-EW and Reflective Sticker LF-EW)
LF1100h-EWf    (with Dome Red Filter LF-EW, Light Shade LF-EW and Reflective Sticker LF-EW)