LF2400h-EW (with Dome Red Filter LF-EW, Light Shade LF-EW and Reflective Sticker LF-EW)

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ON/OFF and two steps (FULL/LOW) power setting switch with a lock ring

Underwater coverage is super wide 100 degree thanks to the optically designed dome lens which effectively widen LED beam without sacrificing native brightness from LED modules. Using optical dome lens provides ideal light distribution for video shooters with its seamless gradation and less spotting on the center.
Ideal lighting device for aiming or macro imaging thanks to carefully selected white LED chip producing quality light with enhanced color reproducibility and color temperature 6500K.


Dome Lens and 6 steps Selector Ring LF 

Operated by easily obtainable 6x AA batteries. Using compatible rechargeable batteries like "eneloop" or "eneloop pro" enables you to share same battery charger with an INON strobe to enhance mobility and minimize your luggage space. The rated practical burn time (*) with "eneloop pro" (BK-3HCD) rechargeable batteries, is approx. 45 minutes at level 6 of FULL mode (max. power setting) or approx. 3,185 minutes (53 hrs 05 min) at level 1 of LOW mode (minimum power setting).

(*) Average time to get half brightness comparing to initial performance when using "eneloop pro" batteries (Model code: BK-3HCD). 

"Dome Red Filter LF-W" is packaged to change color tone not to stimulate shy marine lives.