UWL -100 M67 Type 2 Lens

Sale price£258.00

UWL -100 M67 Type 2 Lens. Maximum angle of view 100.5°underwater for ultra wide shot and 158.35°on land for fish-eye shot.
In addition to ultra wide angle of view, optical design of the UWL-100 allows closer focusing distance which benefits you when shooting wide macro image.
Optional "Dome Lens Unit II for UWL-100" further widen maximum angle of view to131.6°underwater for semi-fisheye imaging.
Optical construction is 5 elements in 4 groups with coated optical glasses including achromat lens (achromatic doublet) which effectively suppress optical aberrations and elicits master lens performance.
Highly versatile screw type "M67 Mount" compatible.
Two options (Type1/Type2) for various camera type to bring out optimum performance of master lens.
*Type conversion is available as optional feature.
Directly screwed on a housing which has M67 lens ring or mounted through dedicated "M67 Mount Base" for a housing which is not equipped with a M67 lens ring.