Single Light Holder LF

Sale price£17.00

An optional product to attach single LF series LED flashlight on a YS type arm head. Especially for handy and compact camera system set-up with Shoe Base or Grip Base D4.

Weight: 57g (2.0oz) [air] / approx.31g (1.1oz) [underwater]

Compatible LED flashlight
LF800-N, LF1000-S, LF2700-W, LF1400-S, LF1100-W

Compatible Arm
Directly attached
Shoe Base, Grip Base D4, D Holder,D Holder Extended Bar
YS Adapter MV, Double YS Adapter MV, YS Adapter WB MV
YS Adapter, YS Arm MS, YS Arm M, Bar Mount
Port Arm for MRS, Port Arm for UFL-MR130 EFS60