Selfie Set M for GoPro (Carbon Telescopic Arm M, Ball Adapter for GoPro)

Sale price£131.00

Using an optional “Ball Adapter for GoPro” attached on the “Carbon Telescopic Arm” to combine with your GoPro camera, is an ideal selfie system to record while swimming around. INON's original fixing screw can securely hold the camera in place, enabling stable video recording underwater without worrying about unexpected camera displacement due to current. All components are designed for underwater use offering superior durability and corrosion resistant characteristic. Attaching a conversion lens on an action camera gets heavy especially when using a “Carbon Telescopic Arm”. Optional“Mega Float Tube” attached on top end of the arm supports comfortable handing underwater without having heavy load on hand grip.

The set contains:

1x Carbon Telescopic Arm M (370mm to 790mm)
1x Ball Adapter for GoPro