SD Front Mask STD

Sale price£38.00

INON UK is pleased to announce a new low cost mount for Go Pro standard 30m housings that enables use of the INON SD semi-fisheye and wide close up lenses for increased versatility with these popular action cams. The INON SD Front Mask STD is compatible with standard housings for the GoPro® HERO4 / HERO3+ and GoPro® HERO / HERO+ / HERO+LCD. The INON UFL-G140 SD and UCL-G165SD lenses greatly increase the versatility of the Go Pro cameras, both for shooting by divers or for remote use on polecams or camera stands. The INON UFL-G140 SD overcomes the problems of refraction caused by taking housings with flat ports under the water and increases the underwater angle of view of the Go Pro’s built in lens to 140 degrees. The extreme wide-angle coverage allows for filming at closer distances, greatly increasing clarity and improving colours, especially with video lights. The UCL-G165 SD Underwater Wide Close-up Lens enables closer focusing and introduces extra magnification, making the Go Pro more suitable for filming smaller subjects, like corals and medium sized reef fish, such as anemone fish. The INON SD Front Mask STD provides mounting points for attaching INON handles and trays. This helps to stabilize your Go Pro for much smoother underwater filming.