Double Light Holder LE

Sale price£17.00

An optional product to attach two LE series LED flashlights on a YS type arm head of the Shoe Base or Grip Base D4. Pairing with the Z Adapter MV / Z Adapter II enables to attach on a ball-joint product with a clamp. Ideal for photography / videography requiring certain amount of light.

Weight: 72.5g (2.6oz) [air] / approx.29g (1.0oz) [underwater]

Compatible LED flashlight
LE750-W Type2, LE750-S Type2, LE350 Type2, LE700-W, LE700-S, LE350, LE550-W, LE550-S, LE250, LE240

Compatible Arm
Attached via optional "Z Joint"
Shoe Base, Grip Base D4, D Holder, D Holder Extended Bar
YS Adapter MV, Double YS Adapter MV, YS Adapter WB MV
YS Adapter, YS Arm MS, YS Arm M, Bar Mount
Z Adapter MV
Z Adapter MV
Port Arm for MRS, Port Arm for UFL-MR130 EFS60

Attached via optional "Z Adapter MV" / "Z Adapter II"
Arm system products equipped with a ball-joint.