Dome Lens Unit II for UWL-S100 ZM80

Sale price£118.00

The "Dome Lens Unit II for UWL-S100 ZM80" is a dedicated super dome option for " UWL-S100 ZM80" to increase underwater maximum view angle from their original 100.0° to 149.8°. The Dome Lens Unit II enables you to "take more wide image" and "get more closer to subject", which is useful not only to take wide images of underwater landscape but to shoot in poor visibility as well.

Outer diameter: φ97.8mm (3.9in)
Length: [standalone] 39.4mm (1.6in)
    : [with UWL-S100 ZM80] 81.5mm (3.2in)
Weight: [standalone] 148g (5.2oz) [air]
    : [with UWL-S100 ZM80] approx176g (6.2oz) [underwater]