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Underwater photographers need a variety of lenses to portray all the different subjects we encounter on our dives from tiny seahorses to imposing shipwrecks. Designing camera optics is a complicated process, even more so when they must be used under the water. INON has been at the forefront of wet lens design since 2000. 

INON UK offers a wide selection of INON UCL Underwater Close–Up Lenses in different magnification strengths to suit different host lens focal lengths, preferred shooting distances and subject size. Optically, all are multi-element, multicoated achromatics, ensuring sharp images that maintain colour and contrast. INON UCL Underwater close–up Lenses can be combined for greater magnification and are available with screw or bayonet mounts. 

For wide-angle photography, INON UK provides the specialist INON UFL-M150 ZM80 bug eye wet wide-angle lens as well as the more conventional INON UWL–95S wide–angle lens. The INON UWL-95S can be combined with an optional INON Dome Lens Unit III for inexpensive upgrading from wide-angle to semi-fisheye coverage. Both the UFL-M150 ZM80 and INON UWL-95S are suitable for compact and Micro Four Thirds cameras and can be ordered with a choice of interchangeable screw or bayonet mounts. A range of INON wide-angle and fisheye lenses is available for older camera models. As you’d expect, INON wide-angle lenses deliver excellent results. 

INON UK carries an extensive stock of lens hoods, front and rear caps, neoprene carry pouches, lens holders and mounts. The front lens of most INON wide-angle lenses can also be replaced if damaged.

If you have any questions, please contact us at INON UK. 

Beware grey imports of INON lenses. Ask before buying! Only INON lenses supplied by INON UK carry full guarantees. INON Japan does not guarantee products purchased from grey importers. 


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XD Mount for URX100A
XD Mount for URX100A Sale price£34.00
Step-up Ring 52-67
Step-up Ring 52-67 Sale price£13.00
XD Mount for PT-056/058/059
XD Mount for PT-056/058/059 Sale price£34.00
AD/28AD/SD Rear Replacement Lens Cap (for UWL-105/UCL-165/UFL165AD/UWL-100 28AD/UFL-G140/UCL-G165 SD/UCL-G165 II SD)
M52 Lens Holder for Float Arm (for Float Arm, Mega Float Arm, Mega Float Tube, M5 Joint)
M52 Lens Holder Shoe BaseM52 Lens Holder Shoe Base
M52 Lens Holder Shoe Base Sale price£38.00
M67 Lens Holder S  (Single 67mm Mount)
Carry Pouch for UFL-165AD (neoprene)
UWL-100 Neoprene Carry Pouch
Dome Lens Unit IIIG (Optical Glass Dome) (for UWL-95S XD/UWL-95 C24 M67/M52)Dome Lens Unit IIIG (Optical Glass Dome) (for UWL-95S XD/UWL-95 C24 M67/M52)
Dome Lens Unit IIIA  (Acrylic Dome) (for UWL-95S XD/UWL-95 C24 M67/M52)Dome Lens Unit IIIA  (Acrylic Dome) (for UWL-95S XD/UWL-95 C24 M67/M52)
UCL-165 XD Close-Up Lens
UCL-165 XD Close-Up Lens Sale price£143.00
UCL-165AD Close Up Lens
UCL-165AD Close Up Lens Sale price£107.00
M67 Screw Ring Set UWL-95C24 Type 1/2
Shoe Base Adapter X-2
Shoe Base Adapter X-2 Sale price£19.00
Shoe Base M6 Head
Shoe Base M6 Head Sale price£30.00
Shoe Base M6
Shoe Base M6 Sale price£47.00
Shoe Base BALL
Shoe Base BALL Sale price£30.00
Accessory Shoe Spacer for CanonAccessory Shoe Spacer for Canon
D Holder Extension Bar (for Grip Base D4/D Holder to use Lens Holder)
Shoe Base 1/4-20UNC
Shoe Base 1/4-20UNC Sale price£47.00
Shoe Base 1/4-20UNC Head
Shoe Base 1/4-20UNC Head Sale price£30.00
M67 Screw Ring Set For UWL100 Type 2
UWL-100 Lens Protector
UWL-100 Lens Protector Sale price£10.00