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Between them, Lisa and Steve have more than 50 years of experience advising clients on choosing housing systems, decades more than any other underwater camera retailer in the UK. When it comes to INON X-2 housings, Steve has owned his X-2’s since 2010, and Lisa’s X-2 housings make around a thousand dives a year. Both Lisa and Steve use their X-2’s for dive journalism and Lisa, as owner of the underwater photography centre, Capture Cayman, shoots her INON X-2 SLR housings in saltwater almost daily.  

INON designs and manufactures X-2  housing systems for select models of mirrorless and SLR cameras. Purchasing high end housings is always expensive and great care should be taken. Many of the features and benefits that make one housing brand more costly than another for the same camera, are not easily seen. This is because it is the manufacturers choice of grades of aluminium for the main body, stainless steel for control shafts, silicone or other synthetics for control O rings and even paint, for example, that dictates the housings resistance to corrosion and increases service intervals, minimising maintenance costs and downtime. INON X-2 housings are assembled from premium materials throughout. The ergonomics are excellent. As you’d expect, coming from INON with more than a quarter centuries experience of designing ports and wet lenses, the housings boast precision optics. 

INON X-2 professional housings for Canon are extremely sophisticated and exceptional value. They come complete with INON S-TTL conversion circuitry, allowing the convenience of TTL exposure via non – penetrating fibre optic cables as well as manual output selection from the Canon cameras own flash menus. Also included is a temperature compensated vacuum check anti-flood system. All ports are glass and the new INON S-MRS port design allows you to access up to three rotary lens controls during your dive. There’s a choice of INON viewfinders and the INON tray options include an Arca – Swiss model that lets you switch between landscape and  portrait orientation in seconds without having to adjust strobe positioning. 

If you are considering an INON X-2 housing, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. 

INON EVF and SLR Viewfinders 

At the heart of using an EVF or SLR camera eyepiece successfully underwater, is a great housing viewfinder.  If you can’t clearly see what you are shooting, you can’t take a standout photo or video sequence. Housing viewfinders need to provide corner to corner viewing when you are wearing a mask and a sharp, high contrast image to help with composition and focusing, especially in low light. INON viewfinders combine multi-element optical glass lenses with prisms to achieve these goals and do it very inexpensively. INON viewfinders established a stellar reputation in the early 2000’s. As a result, numerous housing manufacturers selected INON finders to pair with their own systems. More recently, INON has provided their finders to fit directly to Nauticam housings, providing a low-cost option for use with these popular housings. 

For advice on which INON viewfinder will best suit your own needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Beware grey imports of INON equipment. Ask before buying! Only INON housings, ports and accessories  supplied by INON UK carry full guarantees. INON Japan does not guarantee products purchased from grey importers. 


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X-2 R5
X-2 R5 Sale price£3,528.00
GX Lens Adapter LD
GX Lens Adapter LD Sale price£38.00
GX Lens Adapter 2 LD
GX Lens Adapter 2 LD Sale price£59.00
GX Magnet Ring 14-42 Set
GX Magnet Ring 14-42 Set Sale price£68.00
GX Magnet Ring 30 Set (Set consists of GX Magnet Ring and MRS Magnet Ring GX30 Adapter for Panasonic LUMIX G MACRO 30mm / F2.8 ASPH. / MEGA O.I.S. to use manual focusing operation)
MRS GX Macro Port LD
MRS GX Macro Port LD Sale price£186.00
GX Lens Adapter 2 M67
GX Lens Adapter 2 M67 Sale price£42.00
GX Lens Adapter M67
GX Lens Adapter M67 Sale price£21.00
GX Extension Ring 24
GX Extension Ring 24 Sale price£68.00
MRS GX Macro Port M67
MRS GX Macro Port M67 Sale price£169.00
MRS GX Standard Port LD
MRS GX Standard Port LD Sale price£211.00
MRS GX Standard Port M67
MRS GX Standard Port M67 Sale price£211.00
MRS Magnet Ring GX 30 Adapter
GX Standard Port LD
GX Standard Port LD Sale price£211.00
GX Magnet Ring
GX Magnet Ring Sale price£13.00
GX Standard Gear
GX Standard Gear Sale price£68.00
GX Standard Port M67
GX Standard Port M67 Sale price£211.00
Housing Body CapHousing Body Cap
Housing Body Cap Sale price£40.00
O-ring for GX Port/Extension Ring
X-2 GX Main O-ring 165 *for X-2 for GX9 VC
45° Viewfinder Unit II for Nauticam
Replacement O-ring (for 45° Viewfinder Unit/Straight Viewfinder Unit)
Lock Ring for Viewfinder Unit
Straight Viewfinder Unit II for X-2 (narrow)