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AD Lens Holder Shoe BaseAD Lens Holder Shoe Base
AD Lens Holder Shoe Base Sale price£30.00
AD Mount Converter for UCL-165AD
AD-LD Mount Converter for UCL-165AD
AD/28AD/SD Rear Replacement Lens Cap (for UWL-105/UCL-165/UFL165AD/UWL-100 28AD/UFL-G140/UCL-G165 SD/UCL-G165 II SD)
Arm  L (Effective length 320mm/12.6in)
Arm M (Effective length 200mm/7.9in)
Arm O-Ring
Arm O-Ring Sale price£2.00
Arm S (Effective length 150mm/5.9in)
Arm SS (Effective length 120mm/4.7in)
Bar Mount (compatible with φ22.2mm/0.87"~φ31.8mm/1.25" bar)
Battery Box Inner Cap
Battery Box Inner Cap Sale price£14.00
Battery Box Inner Cap for S-220/S-2000
Battery Box Inner Cap Screw
Battery Box O-ring
Battery Box O-ring Sale price£7.00
Blue Filter LF-N (for replacement)
Carbon Telescopic Arm L (460mm - 1055mm/18.1in - 41.5in)
Carbon Telescopic Arm M (370mm - 790mm/14.5in - 31.1in)
Carbon Telescopic Arm S (280mm - 515mm/11in - 20.2in)
Carbon Telescopic Arm SS (209mm - 292mm/8.2in - 11.5in)Carbon Telescopic Arm SS (209mm - 292mm/8.2in - 11.5in)
Carry Pouch for UFL-165AD (neoprene)
Clamp III
Clamp III Sale price£26.00
Color Filter LE Set (Package of W50° Red, W50°Pink, W50°Orange, Pink, Orange Filters)
Color Filter LF-N Set
Color Filter LF-N Set Sale price£19.00
Color Filter Set for HERO3/3+/4Color Filter Set for HERO3/3+/4