Monitor Housing for LVR3

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Monitor Housing for LVR3 is a dedicated underwater housing to use Sony Live-View Remote "RM-LVR3" which is bundled with Sony Action Cam "FDR-X3000R" / "HDR-AS300R". The housing is attached on the SD Mount Base UWH1 providing live view when filming underwater. Packaged Shade Hood suppresses reflection of the monitor supporting comfortable visual contact even in bright conditions. The Shade Hood is removable as necessary. The Shade Hood is equipped with 360 degree rotatable flange to cut unnecessary ambient light from any direction. The lid has conventional M52 screw mount enabling to attach INON "UCL-165 M67" / "UCL-330" close-up lens via optional "Step-up Ring 52-67" to magnify the monitor image. Attaching the "UCL-165M67" magnifies monitor image by approx.15% and "UCL-330" magnifies by approx.8%.